Sunglasses: Healthy Eyes are Always Fashionable

369488781654361469_a744221da83aPROTECTING YOUR EYES FROM SOLAR RADIATION
The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays pose a significant risk not just to your skin but also to your vision. It is true. It doesn’t matter what the time of the year is, solar radiation can be harmful to your eyes, and other parts of those rays can lead to other serious eye health and vision problems. Even with many warnings and information about health risks, according to the American Optometric Association, only 40 percent of Americans cite protection from sun damage as their main reason for wearing sunglasses. Less than 30 percent say UV protection is critical when purchasing sunglasses.
Today, it is easy to see that sunglasses have become a fashion statement as well. They can add to your image and can be fun to accessorize with more than one pair. Remember to buy sunglasses that assure the proper protection and consider the quality of your frame and lenses when making that purchase.
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